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Kids Essential Oil Rollons

Kids Essential Oil Rollons

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Essential oil roll on for kids. Protect and soothe your little ones with the power of plants! Each essential oil chosen for their unique chemistry, scent and healing properties. They are quick and effective in triggering emotional, mental and physical responses from the body. 

Immune Booster: helps build healthy immune system. A blend of pure frankincense, lavender, lemongrass, blood orange and spearmint essential oil. 

Muscle Soother: helps soothe muscle aches and joint pains. A blend of pure majoram, lavender and spearmint essential oil. 

Calm: relieves anxiety, tantrums and overstimulation. A blend of pure rose geranium, lavender and frankincense essential oil.

Tummy Tammer: helps to soothe tummy aches and digestion problems. A blend of pure grapefruit, majoram, lavender and spearmint essential oil. 

Bug Away: repel bugs and insects. A blend of pure lemongrass, spearmint, lavender and cedarwood essential oil.

Sleepy: helps prepare the body and mind to relax for a good night's sleep. A blend of pure lavender, roman chamomile and cedarwood essential oil. 

Our kids essential oil blend roll ons are safe for children 2 years and above. Essential oils have been safely dilluted with jojoba oil. Comes in convenient 10ml roll on bottle. 

To use: Apply on the back of neck, pulse points, sole of feet and affected areas of the body. Do not apply on the face. Do a patch test before using. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. 

Storage: Keep away from direct sunlight